Sick of Paying for Expensive Yellow Page Ads?

Every business needs a constant stream of new leads and buyers to keep the lights on and the doors open.

To get those leads, many businesses rely on traditional advertising such as newspapers, phone books, coupon mailers, postcards, magazines and even radio and TV ads. And those ads sure aren’t cheap!

The problem with this approach is that the leads dry up as soon as you stop paying for the ads.

Yellow Page ads are a great case in point.

Businesses pay thousands of dollars each year in the hope that a prospect is going to eventually find their ad.

What they don’t know is whether the ad generates any new leads at all.

Business owners think these ads generate new business, but short of using a custom phone number, they have no way to quantify it. Not knowing any better, they keep forking their money over, year in and year out, with nothing to show for it.

How Much Are You Wasting Each Month?

If you’re like most small businesses, you have no idea.

When you don’t know, you can’t calculate how much it costs to get each new customer in your front door. That makes it hard to tell if you’re allocating your advertising dollars wisely or if they could be better spent on more effective methods.

If you’re like most people, you don’t use the phone book every time you want to find a local service or professional. Instead, you turn to Google.

To make matters worse, many phone directories don’t publish a print edition anymore, so the chances of anyone seeing your “virtual phone book” ad is slimmer than ever before!

So why are you spending all that money?

What if there was a way to bring a stream of qualified new prospects into your business each and every month without having to pay the ridiculously high costs of Yellow Page ads?

Well there is…

From Google, Bing and Yahoo search results.

Free Leads. Really?

Yes. The leads you get from the organic (non-paid) results of Google, Bing and Yahoo are completely free leads. But you can’t get those extra free leads until your site starts to get more visits (traffic) by being found in the search results for your main target keywords and keyword phrases.

There’s no one to pay for a continuous stream of these free visitors and leads. You just have to get your website into shape with the best Search Engine Optimization strategies.

Take these two Nevada County clients of mine. They needed an SEO company who could help their websites become more visible in the search engine results.

Here are the results I got for a Nevada City real estate professional:

seo results for a realtor
Google Analytics: Organic Search traffic increase of 240%

And check out these results I achieved for a Grass Valley attorney:

seo results for attorney
Google Analytics: Organic Search traffic increase of 468%

Their traffic and leads just keep coming in, month after month.

Are the Yellow Pages doing that for you? And can they prove it with hard data like this?

“Google, Find a 24-Hour Plumber Near Me.”

People don’t just type in keywords anymore. Now they’re asking their mobile phones and smart speakers to find instant solutions to their most pressing problems.

Every day, people use Google, Bing and Yahoo to search for local businesses just like yours. But they won’t call, come in, or buy if they can’t find you in the search results. Even though the majority of businesses today have a website, not being visible in Search translates into billions of dollars of lost opportunities for these companies each year.

But don’t be discouraged… because what I’m about to tell you will place you miles ahead of the competition.

Nevada County’s Dark SEO Secret is Your Silver Lining

In small, rural markets like Nevada County, most business websites aren’t optimized to capitalize on the daily stream of keyword searches made on desktops, mobile devices and smart speakers.

In my 10 years of doing local SEO here, I’ve noticed a shocking number of businesses with websites and SEO “tactics” that look like they were cobbled together in 1994. Businesses are literally 20 years behind the times in terms of their online marketing — and they have no idea!

Not only are their websites ugly and out-of-date — resulting in horrible conversion, they’re rife with technical problems and lack the keywords needed for Google to understand what their website is about and then rank it accordingly in the search results.

This my friend, is a MASSIVE opportunity for you to steal customers from right under the nose of your competition.

By identifying and fixing your website’s technical problems and optimizing it for the “money” keywords prospects actually search for, you’ll start to generate more qualified monthly leads than you’d ever get from a Yellow Page ad.

You’ll leap ahead of your competitors, forcing them to play catch-up with you in the Search space.

Best of all, these leads will keep coming in for free — your leads will no longer be held hostage by the evil phone book companies.

And then you can then put that money to much better use… like a very well-deserved tropical vacation.

But you have to take action.

If You Don’t, They Will

Today, Search Engine Optimization is a must. You can’t afford to get left behind with all those Yellow Page-paying dinosaurs.

And it’s only a matter of time before your competitors will get help from an SEO company to level-up on their online marketing. Will they beat you to it? Don’t give them the upper hand. It’s much harder to compete from a position of weakness, especially for SEO.

The good news is that you can take pro-active steps right now to stake-out and secure your territory in Search.

Get Started

The first place to start is with an SEO analysis of your website to show what needs to be fixed from a technical perspective.

Once those issues have been addressed, thorough keyword research can be done to find the best “money words” to optimize your website pages with. These aren’t just any keywords, they’re commercially-valuable keywords with a large monthly search volume that also have the best chance of getting your site to rank on Page One.

You’ll also need to know who your main keyword competitors are and what they’re doing to rank to determine the best strategy for your website’s on-site SEO optimization.

In addition, you’ll want to know the “cold”, “warm” and “hot” long-tail keywords related to your business: these are informational, pre-buyer and buyer-oriented keywords that you can work into blog posts, YouTube videos, buyer guides and other online content that will attract prospects like a magnet.

Of course, you’ll also want to know how many visits your site gets from search, social, and direct links. Google Analytics should be added to track and measure the sources of your leads so you can finally begin to calculate your acquisition cost per customer.

Once accomplished, your website will be in great shape to start ranking in Search for your company’s most relevant and valuable keywords.

The best news is that you don’t need to know how to do any of this to get started.

I’ll do a custom SEO Analysis for your website completely free.

My custom, nine-page report will show exactly why your website is under-performing or not showing up within the first three pages of local search results and what needs to be addressed to turn it around.

Sound good?

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